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I highly recommend TG Gainey, he is professional, and prompt, and very receptive to feedback and customer wishes. We used him for two business-related videos, and I will definitely use him again in the future!



TG Gainey did an amazing job with our wedding video. TG is essentially a one-man camera crew. He brings multiple cameras and microphones. He filmed both our ceremony and reception that were located 30 minutes apart from each other. You can tell he is passionate about what he does. He gets fantastic shots from multiple angles. He also cares deeply about what the bride and groom want, and he followed our every request. When he edited the final video, he sent me a digital copy via Google Drive to confirm that I was pleased with what I saw. He allowed my wife and I to tell him if we wanted anything else put in or if we wanted anything taken out before burning it to a DVD. In addition, he put the DVD into a fantastic box that had a great picture of me and my wife on the front and it looked very professional. The final video was amazing. What you get for the price you pay is unbelievable. TG Gainey can easily charge double the price and it would still be worth it for what you get. We paid a fraction of what most other videographers charge and got a better video than we probably would have elsewhere. Not only that, but he included two extra copies of the DVD so both of our parents could have a copy. Thank you, TG! This is an awesome video that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.



TG came to my home to film me playing the harp. He got a lot of footage and accommodated me in making a video exactly the way I asked for it, adding in pictures of winter scenes and other shots. I will use him again.



He puts his heart and soul into any work he does. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a creative videographer for your career or special event. He did a great job on my last 2 music videos. Thanks again TG!

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